Big update!

So I haven’t really used my site here as a real blog but it’s something I would like to start doing on a regular basis. If you haven’t read my bio you can start there and come back. I’m not quite sure where to start since I’m wanting to do this in kind of an “update” format. Instead of updating you all on the last several years of my life I think I’ll just start with biggest news relatively recently. In March 2016 wife had our first baby. A cute little peppy girl who has been an absolute joy. Adjusting to my new life as a parent has meant a bit of a dent in my musical productivity but I think I’m starting to get back into a good routine of getting things done.

I’ve currently got a few projects in the works that will hopefully be released in the new future. I’m working on an instrumental synthwave EP called “Yokohama School” which takes its inspiration from my adopted home city of Yokohama, Japan. I’ve revived two older projects as well. One is a yet untitled EP of ambient electronic music juxtaposed with lo-fi acoustic jazz style drumming. The other is an ambient jazz project that will end up being performed by a live group featuring your truly on drums and electronic instruments. Other current projects include an EP (or maybe series of singles) to follow up my dark 80s new wave EP “The Holoprojector”. Lastly my interest in film scoring has been revived recently and I’m working on putting together a little demo reel.

   On the social front I’m recommitting to putting out more videos on YouTube on a regular basis. I’ll be uploading live performances, gear demos and reviews, interviews and chats with other creatives around Japan, music composition and production tutorials and other fun things. Thanks for coming by and I’ll update again soon as well maybe post some random thoughts on music comp/life etc…

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