I’m gonna be on TV!

My old metal band from my Seattle days and the band I initially toured with in Japan, Guerilla Mind Society (GMS) ゲリラ・マインド・ソサエティー had a reunion show here in Japan in April. We had a stroke of luck when we discovered our singer Ryan, was approached at the airport by the producers of the famous Japanese show “Why Did You Come To Japan?” which is called Youは何しに日本へ in Japanese. They followed us around a lot and shot a lot of stuff with us and came to our gig. The spot will finally air this Monday, June 12th at 6:55pm on TV Tokyo channel 7. I’m pretty excited to see how it turned out so check it out if you can!

Here’s a link to the site of the show: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/youhananishini/smp/

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