The Holoprojector EP out now

Originally from the hazy, creative and rainy cities of the American Northwest - Seattle and Portland - Dustin Cassidy started playing the piano and composing at six years old. He plays multiple instruments including drum set, voice, baritone guitar, synthesizer, theremin, various world instruments etc... He has composed for film and had worked in a wide variety of genres such as punk, jazz, metal, avant garde and classical. He is also the drummer of the Seattle metal band Guerilla Mind Society ゲリラ・マインド・ソサエティー or GMS. His most recent album "The Holoprojector" displays a dark 80s new wave synthesizer vibe reminiscent of Depeche Mode, New Order and the scores of John Carpenter and Vangelis. Dustin Cassidy has been based in Tokyo, Japan since 2008.  ダスティン キャスディ

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